Promoted to the rank of city and country of art and history, Montauban the pink city, quoted from Ingres, from Bourdelle, from Olympe de Gouges, offers you an exceptional heritage :
· the National square and its double flatware,
· the old Bridge of the XIVeme century,
· the former Jesuits' college,
· the numerous mansions,
· the Ingres museum …

Here we like the beautiful testimonies of the past that contain walls, for the art, the festivities and the greedy pleasures.

In the bend of a made street a stopping place, more than 100 brasseries, tearooms and restaurants make you discover authentic recipes, foie gras in figs, confits, steaklets of duck and of surprising candy, coal nuts, jacquou, montauriol.

Horn of plenty or life is enjoyable, Montauban and its country produces for a long time real treasures of table which brighten up the with a ruddy complexion markets of Saturday and of Wednesday.

Relive the history by following the tracks of our guides which invite you to discover everything to the length