The Mountalbane

"Created, following a fortunate coincidence, 20 years ago by Masters Pâtissiers of the house Mauranes, "Mountalbane" become a local speciality, bear the attractive name, feminized for the opportunity, of their city of Montauban, meaning Mont Blanc, "Mountalba" in Occitan. One day of madness, as it is said, the pastry cooks forgot certain gestures and elementary dosages, they obtained then, much to their surprise, this delicious soft and perfumed cake, between the cake, between the pound cake and between the brioche which surprises papillae by its aromas of orange blossoms, vanilla, and rum. Elegantly draped in its mold of parchment paper wrinkled in the hand, "Mountalbane" is furnished with whole eggs, butter and caramelized candied fruits." Philippe Ploquin Source: blog country, the authentic