Adresse :
Place Victor Hugo 82000 Montauban

Church St Jacques

This church is, with "The Old Bridge" the only medevial vestige of the town...
From the second church built in the thirteenth century, there remains only the steeple of Toulouse type and part of the nave. In the fourteenth century, the flat bed is replaced by a polygonal apse, while the city through a period of prosperity and the church became the seat of a parish. Transformed into watchtower (bell tower), workshop manufacturing saltpeter (nave) and fort (chorus) during Wars of Religion, "Saint-Jacques" still bears traces of cannonballs from the seat 1621 in the front of the church. After the Catholic reconquest (1629), "Richelieu" ordered the identical reconstruction of the church. Cathedral time (1629-1739) it is provided in the eighteenth century new side gates and a forum. Front, neo-Romanesque doorway surmounted by a mosaic dates from the nineteenth century.

Opening hours (purely illustrative):
Monday to Sunday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Sunday: church services at 10:15am and 6.00 pm)